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”Joe’s keynote ”Love, Leadership, and Legal Responsibility” was a unique, engaging way of allowing our students to think about their ethical responsibilities both on and off campus. He was able to involve the whole audience with relatable situations and comedy. Our students indicated this was the most memorable moment of the day. We were thankful to have him on our campus!”
Assistant Director, Leadership & Community Engagement, UNC Charlotte


”Joe Richardson’s keynote, ”Life as a Courtroom,” allowed us to open a dialogue with our incoming students during our orientation. He gave our students skills to approach adjusting to a new community, addressed the specific challenges of a very small campus community, and challenged students with thoughts on how to best communicate within a new community of unique individuals. The tools Joe has given us will help our semester get off to a positive start and help students build a stronger community while our campus is their home.”
Interim Director of Student Affairs, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University


”Joe was a pleasure to work with. He connected with our students in a way that previous presenters have not. He used humor in a special way to make connections with students and maintain their attention while providing useful information that all students in Greek Life and athletics should know. His experience as a lawyer helped our students understand the the severity of hazing and its effects overall.”

Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Leadership and Multicultural Programming
St. Joseph’s College