Emmett Till: the road of Leadership, Legislation, and Legacy, with Deborah Watts

This Joespeak! Podcast features Deborah Watts of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation. Joined by foundation counsel Jaribu Hill, Deborah takes us through her journey from being a relative of Emmett Till to taking on the mantle of the family legacy, which puts the foundation at the forefront of the modern civil rights movement that Till’s lynching in 1955 helped ignite. Deborah shares how Mamie Till, the mother of Emmett, took the tragic death of her son as a call to action, and how that call puts the Foundation at the front of toward civil rights activism, including legislation. Also, she talks about how the legacy of Mamie Till uniquely positions them as a source of caring support for the families of victims of modern day police brutality. Finally, attorney Hill lets us know about legal developments in the continuing search for justice for Emmett Till, particularly following the recent discovery of the 1955 arrest warrant for the woman (still alive) whose wrongful accusation led to Till’s death.


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