Major Realities and Meager Resources – The State of our Courts with Toni Momberge

On this Joe Speak! Podcast, we are joined by Toni Momberger, Executive Editor of Follow Our Courts, a publication that covers legal industry happenings in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Toni is born and raised in the region, and previously spent two decades as a media reporter for local outlets, including the Redlands Daily Facts. Then, community needs and her willing pragmatism landed her, a “non-politician,” on a local City Council for several years. Common to all of her service endeavors is her passion for careful information gathering, and mobilizing data to identify serious problems.

In the beginning of what will be a continuing conversation, Toni talks with us about information she has uncovered related to the lag in resources that continues to leave the Inland Empire behind in many categories. Specifically, she lays out some hard facts that demonstrate the glaring deficiencies in court resources that plague Inland county state courts when compared to courts in richer areas statewide.

She shares the realities, and challenges, surrounding everything from hiring court staff, to appointing judges, to erecting courthouses to house judges and staff, even as the need is clear. More, she shares how these realities affects caseloads, court priorities, and ultimately the service provided to area citizens, who happen to be primarily of color. Finally, she foresees our additional conversations on other subjects of importance to the Inland Empire, including environmental issues.

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