Real Talk and Real Life: Police and People of Color with Brian Buckmire, Esq. | Joe Speak! Podcast

In this Joe Speak! Podcast, we are joined by attorney Brian G. Buckmire, criminal defense attorney, anchor for the nationally syndicated Law and Crime Daily, and legal contributor for ABC. He discusses his new novel, “Come Home Safe,” which uses a teenager’s police encounter to explore the pain, the truths, and the hopes that come with growing up as a person of color in America. Brian talks about how his experience as a lawyer, a black man, and a father figure to his younger brother inspired and shows up in this book. He shares why “the talk” and discussions about social justice are so important in the community, and connects the dots between the death of Tyre Nichols, his book, and what should be our value of all lives. Finally, Brian gives a call to action for anyone who wants to help move justice forward as it pertains to police brutality issues.


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