Joe Richardson has held elected leadership roles at every school he attended from elementary school on, including serving as Student Body President at the University of Redlands. In 2014, Joe served as a member of the Utility Advisory Commission in the City of Redlands. In 2017, he began a campaign for Redlands City Council which lasted more than a year, involved more than 100 meetings with stakeholders, knocking on over 3,000 doors, and garnered support from diverse individuals and groups, including public safety and labor. Though unsuccessful, he received nearly 2,000 votes, and made major progress toward becoming Redlands’ first African-American city councilman. He has served as a delegate to the state Democratic Party (40th Assembly District) since 2015. In 2019, Joe was appointed a member of the Redlands Planning Commission, which serves as the Planning Agency of the City of Redlands. In all of his public service endeavors, Joe’s philosophy is to build bridges forward, solve problems without picking sides, and not to let labels, including political party, prevent progress. See links below for information related to Joe’s past/current public service.



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