Joe has a particular passion for those in “learning mode,” particularly college students and stakeholders on college/university campuses. The college experience is the manifestation of the natural instincts of children to pick friends and interests and activities that they are excited about. At the same time, it is a vulnerable period, as the new freedom of those years, without discipline, can lead to difficult situations and life altering choices made in a moment’s time. Administrators and non-student campus leaders are also in a unique place. They have often had experience as students, and now find themselves in a “different box,” often asked or expected to be the bridge between the college/university and the students, without losing credibility with either side.

In Joe’s presentations, he seeks to reminds students of all of the great things that went into the decisions that they have made to this point. While often using the law to make his points, He emphasizes ethical clarity as a key element to going above and beyond in academic and leadership activities (sports, student government, greek life). He also reminds them that the work has just begun; that many of their opportunities in upcoming years will be shaped by the choices they make during these years now. Seen in this light, everything from going to class, to treating their classmates, professors, and administrators with respect, will be filed away in the memory bank of campus stakeholders to use months, years, or even decades from now. Joe reminds other campus leaders that the tension between the perspectives that they have to balance can actually be an advantage; who better to bridge the gap between students and the college/university than someone who understands both perspectives?

In sum, Joe seeks to remind everyone in the “college crowd” that they have everything that they need to make their contributions toward the collective advancement of the mission of their college/university community, their society, enriching their lives in the process.


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